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Troc Talks Online #15 | Sarah Robertson

‘Digital Pitiful: have we met somewhere’

‘Digital Pitiful: have we met somewhere’ explores and parodies contemporary anxieties in a fun and absurd way. Themes of post-90s romanticised loneliness and dysfunction tying into the naughties internet culture, individualism, advertisement and art are explored through animation.

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Artist Statement
For ‘Digital Pitiful: have we met somewhere’ I have created 7 short and shitty 2D animations, that satirically portray contemporary anxieties through an absurdist lens. Themes of romanticised loneliness and dysfunction, and how these relate to the modern identity, capitalism, individualism, media and advertisement are explored. I am interested in embracing the format of online media and referencing the internet as I think it’s extremely relevant to how we interact with and think about these concepts. I wanted to imitate websites and phone games from the early 2000s until now including caricature aggressive pop-up adverts, clickbait and game apps. The imagery is familiar but nonsensical and intends to walk the line between humorous and unsettling to create a sense of unease, as well feelings of being watched and manipulated.

Sarah Robertson is an artist from Melbourne. Her practice for this series is all animation; cel animation, rotoscoping, stop motion, 2D animation and motion graphics. Her work explores the relatable cultural experience of growing up in the digital age in a humorous and absurd way.