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Jessie Cunningham-Reid and Liam Power | Intimacy and Algorithms

In this project, Naarm/Melbourne-based artists Jessie Cunningham-Reid and Liam Power introduce some of their recent works and how their practice has evolved in response to lockdown. Through discussions spanning intimacy, alienation and the ubiquity of algorithms, these two artists reflect upon the possible conceptual content of their works as well as their practical applications.

Jessie Cunningham-Reid’s practice spans drawing, painting and photography.

I have made all of these works in the last year from photographs and memory. These works consider the concept of a “Figure in Space” and the absence of figures to question the impact of the human gestalt. Through visual representation and the psychological tension generated through human intervention, landscapes and “figurative” works are painted democratically to investigate the impact of the perceived human form. Compositionally, I like to explore everyday scenes from my life, often choosing more mundane or unlikely compositions as an opportunity to challenge myself and incite creative resolutions.

Images left to right:
After Borreman’s Figure III, 2021, charcoal on paper, 15cm x 19cm
Covid Playground, 2021, charcoal on paper, 15cm x 18cm
Investigating Intimacy & Alienation, 2021, digital image
Park Benches, 2021, oil on board, 40cm x 50cm
Passing By, 2021, oil on board, 40cm x 50cm
Scene of Domesticity, 2021, pastel on paper, 22cm x 33cm
Self Portrait After Gainsborough, 2021, oil on board, 30.5cm x 40.6cm
Untitled, 2021, charcoal on paper, 15cm x 19cm

Liam Power is a multidisciplinary artist and creative coder who works with video, sound and data.

My work primarily questions and critiques the boundaries of systems and their function in society. These systems could be computing technologies, perceptual and cognitive relations, or corporate surveillance techniques…Right now I’m working with augmenting photographic material within neural networks. I train an algorithm with a large dataset of images which can then begin to make inferences about their style and features. Holding the sum of these images in it’s memory, the network can map these features to synthesise new content.

Images left to right:
A Sign on the Building
Blue Curtain on the Window
Cam 13
Cam 15
Cam 16
Cam 21
Cam 22
Cam 25
Blue Sign
A White Cord